Dysport Arrives in Canada

For many years the only product indicated for smoothing active wrinkles away in Canada was Botox Cosmetic. Botox Cosmetic and Botox Therapeutic have been distributed by Allergan. Mertz began distributing Xeomin a couple of years ago, but did not offer significant benefits over Botox. Dysport will be distributed by Valeant/Medicis in Canada starting in May […]

Get ready for fall! Repairing sun damaged skin and rosacea

Hope you all had a wonderful summer! For many of us, all of that sunshine may have left its mark in the way of brown spots, and/or redness on the face, chest, or hands. These changes in the skin are the result of accumulated sun exposure throughout one’s life, and contribute greatly to overall skin […]

Dermal Fillers and How They Work

For many years we have been aware that as we age everything seems to deflate and descend on our body and our Face. These changes are even more evident in slim individuals over the age of 50. The traditional solution has been a Surgical Facelift with a month of bruising and a drastically changed final […]