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Jan 26

Myth: If a skincare product isn’t showing results in a few weeks, it isn’t working.

Anti-aging skincare products take time to show their true colors, therefore we need to be committed and give these products a chance to do their job.   After the first few weeks, you may notice that your skin is plumper and smoother. More dramatic changes require patience.  Reducing the appearance of fine lines can take up to three months, while more substantial changes, like reducing discoloration and wrinkles, can take up to six months.  Some products provide instant results, but that’s because ingredients that cause a temporary effect, such as light-reflective particles, have been added.

Unfortunately, many of us are looking for a quick fix and become discouraged when we don’t see instant results from a new product.  In this case, a little bit of patience may be all that’s required to get the results we desire.

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