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Oct 28

Dermal Fillers and How They Work

For many years we have been aware that as we age everything seems to deflate and descend on our body and our Face. These changes are even more evident in slim individuals over the age of 50. The traditional solution has been a Surgical Facelift with a month of bruising and a drastically changed final result.
At one time, fillers were used to fill lines in the Naso-labial folds or Marionette lines descending from the corners of the mouth. However, in the last 5 years the entire conceptualization of the aging face has changed dramatically. The loss of volume can be replaced with extremely safe biodegradable products that lift the Face and restore the more youthful definition, balance, and shape of our Faces. That change is most obvious in deflated, falling cheeks.

The lovely lady to the right achieved an entirely refreshed look in 30 minutes with no bruising allowing her to return to work immediately.. She does not look different; but, merrily refreshed. We now have evidence that these fillers stimulate our own bodies’ collagen. As a result, the initial improvements last longer and longer with subsequent treatments and require fewer products. The woman to the right returned 18 months later still looking more like the “after” result, but wanting to prevent the return to her “before” appearance.

The most used Fillers in Canada are made of Hyaluronic Acid, a natural occurring sugar found in the body. It is not obtained from any animal products and therefore very safe and natural. In 2008 Hyaluronic Acid became available in a form pre-mixed with an analgesic compound. As a result the actual procedure is essentially painless.

Free consultations are available at the Pender Medi Spa where all injections are performed by Dr. Ralph Bieg, a recognized trainer in Hyaluronic Acid volume replacement.

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